Apr 22

Small Batch Whole Wheat Powdered Sugar Donuts Made With Greek Yogurt

Here is another delicious baked donut recipe that I recently came up with when I had a container of Greek yogurt that was going to expire in a few days. I hate wasting food and wanted to bake something with the yogurt. It had been awhile since I used yogurt in a baked recipe and this was the perfect time. These came out terrific. My family loved these wholesome donuts and so did I. My husband grabbed two to take to the office the next morning and my son packed one in his lunch box. Bake a batch soon. They’re really good!


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Apr 20

Strawberry Banana Funfetti Milkshake

You can’t beat a good milkshake. My family loves going out to our local diner where they happen to make a yummy vanilla milkshakes. I know, sounds so boring but, they just know how to “shake” things up and make a really good one. It’s kind of expensive though. I found it’s so easy to make any flavor at home for a fraction of the cost and to be truthful, ours is just as good or better than the diner. This one recipe is my husbands favorite. He likes the combo of strawberry and  banana. I knew I had to jazz it up so, here is my version that we all love. The sprinkles add the best color and texture.


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Apr 17

Tastiest Detox Salad

Salads can be so versatile. You can throw just about anything in them and they taste so good. This is my newest detox salad that I recently made one day while working from home. It has one of my favorite ingredients of all time in this healthful bowl. It’s hempseeds. They give a great crunch to just about any dish and are loaded with nutrients. Go crazy with your salads, throw all the healthy things you find in your fridge and toss them in.


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Apr 17

Simple Oven Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus is a very healthy vegetable that’s also versatile in so many dishes. Fresh or cooked. It’s a unique flavor that has become very popular in the past few years. I really like this simple recipe. It brings out the natural sweetness in the asparagus. Next time you see a good bunch, grab it and make it this way.


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Apr 11

New York Diner Blue Plate Special – Hot Open Turkey and Gravy

Growing up on Long Island, we always had Diners all over the place. In every town were at least one. Now, in my town alone, there are four! In Manhattan, it seems like there’s bunches on every street. What is great about a Diner is there are so many things on the menu. Everything comes out fresh and always so appetizing looking. They serve breakfast all day long and have “Blue Plate Specials” daily.

A Hot Open Turkey happens to be my husbands favorite menu item to order for dinner. We always grab some off his plate because they pile on the turkey and gravy. You always get a choice of two sides. This past weekend was my husbands birthday and instead of going out he asked me to make him his favorite meal from our favorite diner around the corner. This is the easiest recipe. At least the way I make it. He even said he liked mine better. Not sure if he was really hungry or he meant it but, it really did taste good and my son and I enjoyed it just as much as the Diner. Here you go, make this soon. It’s a winner!


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Apr 07

Easter Peeps Pretzel Rods

Here’s a recipe my son and I have fun making together. Years ago, it was my daughter who shared this fun food craft with me. We like to wrap each one separately and give them as a special little treat to friends and family. Use any kind of Peep you like. However, the little chicks worked well for this recipe. They do come in all different colors. Same goes for the sprinkles. Use what you have in the house or find your favorites in stores and online.


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Apr 06

White Chocolate Easter Bunny Bark

This delectable recipe is so much fun to make with the kids. It’s an edible craft where they can use their own imagination on what to put on the white creamy chocolate. One thing is for sure, everyone including adults will love this candy treat. Have fun creating with your favorite candies and other add-ons.

Please note, I am not giving you amounts for ingredients. You decide how much or little goes on the bark. As for the chocolate. For this recipe I used half a block of white chocolate Almond Bark.


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Apr 03

Classic Pear Lime Jello Lush

This recipe is a combination of my mom and grandma’s along with my friend Susan’s. My mom and grandma used pineapple instead of pear. Of course you can swap it out if you want. They also added sour cream. This is the most forgiving recipe. Add a little, remove a little. Seems to come out perfect every single time it’s made.

Recently we were at my friend Laurie’s house. Her sister Susan was there and she told me her version. Since the holidays are around the corner, I knew I wanted to do a little experimenting. This version came out really delicious. We serve this with the meal. If there is any leftover, we serve it again with dessert. It’s great for a luncheon or party too. When I catered, this was always on the menu at a baby or bridal shower. It’s so pretty too. Sometimes I added some extra whipped topping for decoration, along with fresh fruit. Whenever you serve this it’s sure to be a big hit.


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Apr 02

Delicious Diabetic Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s always nice when you find some really good recipes that will fit in to your diabetic diet. This cookie recipe does just that. Best part is, you don’t need to be on any special diet to enjoy these delicious cookies. They tastes great with no after taste and made with all natural ingredients. My kids and husband loves these and so do I. They have now become a staple cookie in my home.


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Mar 27

Roast Chicken with Chinese 5 Spice


My first attempt at roasting a chicken and definitely not my last.  They liked it so much there was not any leftovers for my lunch.


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