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Contributor – Elena Ivanovska

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Elena Ivanovska
Nutricionism student, researcher

My name is Elena Ivanovska. I am from a small country in South East Europe, called Macedonia. I have bachelor degree in IT projects but I was always intrested in nutricionism so I decided to enroll at Faculty of Biotechnology in my city and right now I am studing Nutricionism which has become more than a passion. Since very young I have been doing sports, reading and researching about healthy food and how to obtain that healthy lifestyle. I am currently training soccer, cycling and I am also doing a yoga.

I am creator of and I am convinced that food can cure us and not only our body also our mind and our lives. I am really happy to meet so many people interested about healthy food and healthy way of living. That gave me inspiration and more motivation to help people as much as I can so they also can change their lives for better.

Please feel free to contact me for any reason and I will be happy to write you back.


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