Oct 18

Raspberry French Toast Breakfast Casserole

So glad Regina found this delicious French toast recipe in the Food Network Magazine. She made a couple tweaks and her family loved it. Now, I make it for my family and they also love it. It’s a perfect occasional indulgence that I won’t feel guilty about enjoying every single bite of.

Great for a Sunday brunch when company comes to visit. It’s elegant yet so simple to throw together. I have also served this as a dessert. It was a big hit on a dessert table. A nice warm piece of this and a dollop of whip cream. How good does that sound?  Bake one of these beauties up soon, you and everyone who tastes this will be so happy you did. Beyond yummy that’s for sure!


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Oct 10

Bisquick Chocolate Chip Cookies – Dairy & Egg Free

If you have been on our blog before, you know we have a bunch of recipes made with Bisquick. It happens to be one of my favorite pantry items. It’s so versatile. Great in savory recipes and of course in baked desserts. These cookies are so easy to prepare and stay soft and chewy. So happy I didn’t have to add any eggs or milk to the batter. See my egg substitute for this recipe. I use it in a lot of my vegan recipes. Bake a batch soon, you will be so happy you did and anyone who gets one or more of these yummy cookies.


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Oct 09

Best Garlic Bread Made Simply With A Tube Of Crescent Rolls

Who doesn’t love garlic bread? It’s my family’s favorite thing to order at any restaurant that has it on the menu. Now, I make it so simply at home using an old friend,  a handy tube of “Crescent Rolls”

I saw I had a tube in the fridge that was going to expire in the next two days. We were having roast chicken that night for dinner. I was going to make the slandered crescent rolls but thought about trying my hand at garlic bread. Wow! This was so easy-peasy and came out so fantastic. Not kidding, better than any restaurant. I make this recipe at least twice a week and when company comes, they love this bread as well so, I make two batches. Bake one up today, you will know what I’m talking about during your first bite.


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Oct 08

One Bowl Vegan Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin bread is something I make all year round. First of all, pumpkin is so healthy. Has a good source of vitamin A and fiber. Very low calories and fat cholesterol free. Canned pumpkin is available year round in all markets and stores like Target and Walmart. Even online. This one bowl wonder is so moist and delectable. Bake one up today and watch everyone grab for a warm piece.


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Oct 05

Googly Eye Chocolate Pretzel Snaps

It’s Halloween time again. It seems like it rolls around earlier and earlier each year. That’s because the stores put out the candy in the summer! I like to get a jump start on all my Halloween decorations and dessert making. We are a very big Halloween family. I let my son put out the outside and inside decorations mid September. Right after school starts. He loves doing the outside and we both have fun doing the inside. Every year we have a small Halloween party for a few of his closest friends. That’s when I go crazy in the kitchen baking and preparing what’s going to be served at the party. These snaps have been at every party and it’s funny that I hadn’t put them up on the blog as of yet. I think we have just about every other holiday snap up. So, here they are. Fun to make and really yummy. Adults like them too. The sweet and salty are just perfect together. Enjoy and have a safe Halloween!


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Sep 27

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oat Bars – No Flour Added!

This recipe came about while I was watching a cooking show where they were talking about oatmeal cookies. That’s all I needed to get up and go into the kitchen and start baking. It didn’t matter that it was 10 pm. My hubby had gone up to bed and so did my little guy. It was just me and the two dogs. Having my cup of tea and nothing else. Not a good idea to watch a cooking show when all you have is a lonely cup of decaffeinated tea that doesn’t even have sugar or milk in it. So, there I was in my kitchen, everything was all put away from dinner. A nice clean kitchen. Not for long. As I grabbed for the container of oats, I decided not to fetch the flour. I wanted to try a cookie without any flour. I really like to bake gluten free so, this was a good excuse to go for it. Then I thought instead of cookies why not a bar? Well, these were worth the wait. Come on, do you really think I went to sleep after I baked these? Of course not! I waited just until I could cut one and eat it while it was still really warm. Then, covered them up and then went to bed. The next morning my son told me he woke up in the middle of the night smelling something yummy. I cut him a small square and then packed him a larger one for his snack at school. The hubby took a large square for the office. I had a nice big square with my morning coffee. I had forgotten I had an appointment with my trainer and told her I had to push the appointment up a little or I would explode during our workout. She told me to bring her a couple of squares and had me come in two hours later.

This recipe is so easy to make and everyone loves it. I pack them up and send them to my daughter in law school. She says her roommates love them as much as she does. Bake a batch today and watch them disappear.


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Sep 23

Farmers Market Vegetable Medley

It’s always nice when there’s a farmers market that’s close by. Most large and small cities have them scattered around. Here on Long Island, there are many to choose from. Especially out east. Suffolk County where the Hamptons are located and Montauk Point. There’s so many to visit. Some only open on the weekends and others are open all week. Here’s a vegetable medley that’s from a local farmers market. Every veggie is from there. Of course if you don’t have a local farmers market, go to your favorite place to shop and look for the freshest fruits and veggies you can find. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask one of the people that works in the produce department. Maybe they have more in the back that just has not been put out yet. Enjoy this healthy and hearty recipe. Serve over pasta, rice or even a baked potato.


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Sep 19

Copycat Pioneer Woman Strawberry Oat Bars

Love all the Pioneer Woman’s recipes. This one is my favorite. You will love this crumb topping.

I love Ree Drummond the famous Pioneer Woman. I watch her show every Saturday morning. When my daughter was still living at home before college, she watched with me. Nowadays my 11 year old son will watch with me when he’s around. Even though I cook and bake “skinny” and for me, being a vegan. I still love her show and seeing what she whips up. Some of her recipes I make for my family since they are not vegan. They loved every single recipe so far. When I saw this recipe for Strawberry Oat Bars, I loved how easy-peasy the recipe looked and I knew I could make them vegan really easily. I just subbed the butter for my favorite vegan butter. I also swapped out other ingredients too. We have these for breakfast some days and dessert other days. Add a scoop of ice-cream or frozen yogurt. Best warm from the oven so the ice-cream melts into the bars.  They travel great too and make a great food gift. Check the recipe out below. They come out so delicious every time. It’s a very forgiving dessert. See and taste for yourself. These are a winner!


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Sep 17

10 Fresh Apple Desserts and Easy to Follow Recipes

If you like apples you will love these easy to prepared desserts from a couple of our food blogger friends and us. It does not have to be autumn to enjoy these delightful apple recipes. Apples are abundant yearly in markets. Get to know some different kinds of apples and experiment with them in your favorite recipes and in ours. Enjoy them all!


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Sep 14

Kid Friendly Spaghetti Dinner

Around my house pasta is a big deal. My son can eat it for every meal and I mean every meal. He loves leftover pasta for breakfast. Hey, who’s to judge. At least he’s eating. The only problem was, he only wanted butter on his pasta. My husband and I tried to tell him that as delicious as butter on pasta is, and it really is. There has to be something other than butter on his pasta. He’s so fussy with jarred sauces and my homemade he eats if we are all eating it but, he says it has too many “things” in it. He’s talking about the diced onions and garlic.  I had to come up with a spaghetti sauce just for him. This one he loves and will eat it anytime. No chunks of onions, peppers or garlic. Using onion and garlic powder gives this sauce enough flavor without the texture. Sometimes I add meatballs and he will now eat them. We happen to love this sauce too. It’s a very easy-peasy recipe that is now a staple. Great for chicken or eggplant parmesan and he loves this sauce over ravioli. Give this simple recipe a go at it. Add in what your family likes in a sauce. This is a great basic sauce. Anything  you add will be just fine.


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