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Nov 22

Simple Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

If you have been on our site before, you probably saw one of our most popular recipes ever. “Copycat Cinnamon Rolls”.  They are out of this world delicious. Tastes just like the ones you get at the mall. Cinabon. We think so much better with much less fat and calories that’s for sure. Now, we …

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Sep 21

Rustic Apple Pie with Cinnamon Oat Crumble Topping

This apple pie was made with my son Josh. We recently went apple picking at a local orchard where they had a nice variety of apples to “pick” from. You can use whatever apples you like best. I mixed them up a bit and the taste was fabulous. The reason why I called this a …

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Sep 08

Fun Facts About Apples

Apples are a fruit that’s around for every season. There are always many varieties out at most markets around the United States. Not like summer fruits such as peaches or other stone fruits, apples are always in season. They become most popular here on Long Island in the autumn months. You can go apple picking all …

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