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Oct 23

Hot Toddy

  Submitted By: Veronica Gantley This Hot Toddy is just what the doctor ordered. I you have the sniffles and feel bad this drink will cure what ails you.  

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Aug 02

Creamy Black and White Smoothie

    Submitted by:  Sanja Andreevska   The ancestry of smoothies can be traced back to the milkshake that was so fashionable half a century ago, but their style and phenomenal popularity are thoroughly modern.  

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Jul 30

Watermelon Low Calorie Low Fat Slushy Cooler

  This is a wonderful, refreshing treat that is very low in calories, fat and even sugar. It also is a great source of potassium and vitamin C. This smoothie would be great for an afternoon snack or to serve at a BBQ this weekend. Recipe yields 2 large glasses but of course you can double …

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Jun 27

Mood Boosting Dark Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Smoothie

  Submitted by: Liz Hughes If the Monday blues have you down, try this mood boosting cherry chocolate oatmeal smoothie for a quick dose of happiness.

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Jun 24

Healthy Blue Lagoon Smoothie

  I love smoothies so much that I make one every day at home, or if I am out and about I’ll pick one up at my favorite smoothie cafe. The problem when you buy smoothies is they can cost up to $7.00 just for fruit, some protein powder and ice! I really don’t like …

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Jun 12

High Fiber Sassy Smoothie

  This is my favorite smoothie of all time. Believe it or not I use fresh baby spinach leaves. It practically adds no calories but does add great health benefits. I promise you will NOT taste the spinach! I couldn’t believe it the first time I tried it. This smoothie is a great pick me …

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Jun 11

Banana Almond Date Smoothie

Submitted by: Jessica Flatley My big sister (and best friend) was the first to introduce me to a healthier lifestyle, many years ago. I always respected her self-discipline with her diet and visibly watched her become healthier and happier. However, like all lessons my big sister tries to teach me, I had to experience things …

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Apr 05

High Protein Chocolate Cheesecake In A Jar

  This cheesecake is healthy and really high in protein. I have it for breakfast many mornings. It has a slightly tart flavor, not too sweet. My kids love it too. I make a few of these, jar them, close them up and they are ready for anyone to grab the next day. Great for anytime …

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Feb 17

Chocolate Blueberry Banana Oats Smoothie

  This recipe has all healthy ingredients that make up the most delicious smoothie. Enjoy every sip!  

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Jan 26

Chai Tea Latte

  Why pay $5 for a chai latte when you have all the ingredients in your pantry to make your very own? Anyone who likes chai tea will love our skinny version, especially since it’s decadent and easy to prepare. I make this latte all the time whether it’s for visitors or a special treat just …

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