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Mar 18

Strawberry Lemon Dump Cake

This recipe is just one in a collection of dump cake recipes. I really enjoy making these for the ease of preparation and for never letting me down and coming out perfect each time. Lemon and strawberry go so well together. A great combo.  

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Mar 09

Triple Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake

If you are a chocolate lover, you will love this recipe. So easy to prepare and always comes out perfect. Great for a last minute dessert. Serve alone or with a scoop of ice cream and whipped topping. YUM!  

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Jan 07

Quick And Easy Pumpkin Muffins

  Enjoy these muffins any time of day, for breakfast or dessert; they are not too sweet. I have served these at holiday dinners and displayed them in a bread basket. They were a huge hit with guests! Enjoy! Nutrition: calories 174.3, fat 1.6, carbs. 38, fiber 1, protein 1.4

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Dec 02

Light and Lovely Red Velvet Cake Cookies

  Red velvet cakes, cupcakes and cookies have been huge lately and almost every bakery, cupcake shop and restaurant has their own version — of course most of the time theirs are loaded with fat and calories. Many years ago when I lived in Atlanta, before I started catering, one of my neighbors brought me a plate of red …

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Nov 18

Outrageous Oreo Cookies And Cream Poke Cake

I made this cake on Sunday while my family was at the park and it was a real treat for them to come home and have this waiting for them. My husband and kids loved this cake and they all said it was really moist. You get a very large serving of cake from this recipe; as they …

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Nov 01

Little Caramel Pumpkin Square Cakes

  I was shopping in Target the other day and saw these little square cake pans. Since it’s fall and Halloween time, I figured I would bake another pumpkin recipe. I liked that they were square, a nice change from a cupcake and I didn’t have to use a liner this time. These cute little cakes …

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Aug 16

Old Fashioned Cherry Poke Cake

Old Fashioned Cherry Poke Cake  Using a Cake Mix makes for an easy-peasy recipe and the most delicious moist cake. Enjoy this old fashioned favorite! I think every generation has their own version of a poke cake. As a little girl, I can remember visiting my mom’s aunt that I had never met before; she …

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Jul 23

Large Soft and Chewy Triple Chocolate Cookies

  There is a bakery near me on Long Island that sells these amazing large double chocolate chip cookies and they feel like they weigh a pound each. Who wouldn’t love them? The problem is, like many bakery treats, they are very high in fat and calories. So I came up with this very easy recipe that’s made …

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