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Aug 07

Large Cinnamon Snicker Doodle Cookies

Every year around this time, someone comes up with a great cinnamon or Snicker doodle cookie recipe. My daughter Tori asked if I could come up with a one and how could I say no? So after many attempts, here is my version of a Snicker doodle cookie. We all enjoyed them and loved the …

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Feb 20

Easy Classic Cinnamon Rugelach Cookies

This is my version of my Grandma Anna’s classic rugelach cookie. Rugelach (pronounced rug-a-la) is a cookie that is served for many Jewish holidays, the most popular holiday being Chanukah or Hanukkah. The shape of a rugelach could vary but it’s mainly in a crescent shape. Most bakeries have these cookies in a few varieties. The most popular …

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Feb 13

Hugs And Kisses Cookies XOXO

Let’s face it: going to the store and buying ready-made cookie dough is hard to resist when you want your cookies fast and easy to make, especially on a weekday. Well, here’s a way to make packaged cookie dough taste more homemade. Give this easy recipe a try. It’s really good, I promise! Nutrition – per …

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