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Sep 22

Chunky Double Chocolate Quinoa Cookies

These cookies are made with all healthy ingredients and still are so decadent tasting. My kids and husband love these and don’t believe me when I tell them they are made with quinoa. You have to try these. Bet you will love them too!  

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Sep 20

Giant Cake Mix Chewy Chunky Chip Cookies

I used to make these cookies years ago when I lived in Atlanta. I loved to have friends over and these were great to throw together at the last minute. You will love this recipe. So easy and the cookies come out so moist and chewy.  I added chunks of chocolate and chips this time. …

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Aug 07

Large Cinnamon Snicker Doodle Cookies

Every year around this time, someone comes up with a great cinnamon or Snicker doodle cookie recipe. My daughter Tori asked if I could come up with a one and how could I say no? So after many attempts, here is my version of a Snicker doodle cookie. We all enjoyed them and loved the …

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Aug 02

Mini Oreo Stuffed Sugar Cookies

  There are a few Oreo recipes on this blog and they seem to be so popular. Who doesn’t love Oreos and warm sugar cookies? I wanted to incorporate the two but my obstacle is always the same: how to make this delicious and still keep it on the skinnier side? I also wanted to …

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Jul 16

Little Paleo & Vegan Mini Coconut Almond Cookies

Paleo & Vegan Coconut Almond Cookies  – A perfect little cookie that’s decadent yet made with healthy ingredients. These cookies taste very rich; one mini cookie is satisfying enough, especially with some fresh fruit. They were a big hit at our last Skinny Sweets Daily meeting. Even my husband, who was reluctant to try them, …

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Jul 13

Candy Cane Biscotti

  I was happily requested to pull this recipe from my archives when my husband began working with a longtime friend.  He remembered me baking them 10 years ago and loved them.  Once I baked them my kids chimed in that I need to make them again.  Peppermint has become one of their favorite flavors.  

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Jun 30

Almond Meringue Lollipop Cookies

  These cookie pops are light and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Their delicious chocolaty filling makes them “out of this world” delish! I made these at the last holiday gathering at my house and they were a huge hit and are great for any spring holiday such as …

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Jun 24

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

  Submitted by:  Jessica Flatley Ok, let’s get back to basics with gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I have to be honest and tell you that I have failed many more times than I have succeeded in this new world of gluten free baking. It is not as simple as swapping enriched flour for a …

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Jun 18

Two Ingredient Rolo Cookies

That’s right. Two ingredients to make these yummy cookies. Have fun and enjoy! Nutrition:  calories 40, fat 2 g, carbs 4.8 g, fiber 0.1 g, sugars 2 g, sodium 2 mg, protein 0.3 g, Weight Watchers points 1  

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Jun 08

Monster Cookies!

  I called these monster cookies because they have lots of yummy add ins. They are so delish. Chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. A great monster cookie!  

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