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Apr 22

Small Batch Whole Wheat Powdered Sugar Donuts Made With Greek Yogurt

Here is another delicious baked donut recipe that I recently came up with when I had a container of Greek yogurt that was going to expire in a few days. I hate wasting food and wanted to bake something with the yogurt. It had been awhile since I used yogurt in a baked recipe and …

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Mar 27

Small Batch Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

  We love donuts around my house. If you have visited our site before you will see we have a few favorite baked donut recipes already up that are really delicious. The best part about a donut is, they are portable. Grab and go. The other really great part about our donuts are, they are …

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Dec 13

Small Batch Baked Pumpkin Donuts

  We love donuts around here. In fact, for awhile we were on a donut run. Whenever we saw a donut shop, we would stop and buy a few varieties and sample them. This all started about 7 months ago when visiting my daughter Tori at college. There was a famous donut shop that everyone raved …

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Aug 08

Wacky Chocolate Baked Donuts

If you are familiar with the ever popular Wacky Cake. You will love this fun version of the Wacky Donut. Made without eggs or dairy. These were fun to make with the kids and really moist and delicious with deep dark chocolate flavor.  

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