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Apr 06

How to Set Goals for Success in 5 Steps

  Submitted by: Justin Glenn Everyone wants to feel successful, but the million dollar questions is: “What does success mean?” Is success having millions of dollars? Is success being middle class with 2-3 kids, a significant other and a white picket fence? Maybe, success is being 8% body fat and muscular? The truth is “success” …

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Mar 04

3 Simple Tips For Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Submitted by: Justin Glenn Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for beginners. There is so much information available that the entire process can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three tips to help you begin your fitness journey 1. Go For a Walk Simple, yet effective. Walking will increase your …

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Feb 10

5 Ideas To Consider When Choosing a Workout Program

Submitted by: Justin Glenn Many new comers to exercise and fitness have a difficult time choosing a workout program. There are so many programs that it can be overwhelming. This article is going to give you five ideas to consider that will help you choose a workout program that is best for you.  

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