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Apr 18

Home-made Ravioli with Pork and Turkey

  Submitted by: Sanja Andreevska This delicious ravioli, stuffed with minced meat and cheese is scented with fresh herbs, and makes a substantial first course. Alternatively, you can use veal instead of pork or turkey.  

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Apr 14

Mom’s Best Macaroni Dish

Submitted By: Deborah Tomasetti Perham As time has past I have come to terms with the fact that all families have their own style of cooking.  With this I recognize my mother-in-law was an exceptional cook. To memorialize her we took all her recipes (in her handwriting) and compiled a cookbook, printing a copy for each …

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Feb 01

Ham and Cheese Mac and Cheese Bites

 Submitted By:  Liz Hughes These ham and cheese mac and cheese bites are delicious, fun to eat and incredibly easy to make. All you need is the basics – milk, cheese, butter, egg, pasta. Ham isn’t a necessity, but does make them extra hearty. I’m thinking great football finger food and with the Super Bowl …

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Jan 31

Chicken Scampi

 Submitted By: Lillian Russo I love a good shrimp scampi! My kids…not so much! They’re just not a fan of shrimp! So I decided to switch the shrimp for chicken! It worked…they loved this! So, that’s how this chicken scampi was created! The only difference is that I needed to cook the chicken much longer than I would …

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Jan 17

Gluten Free Linguine Bolognese

Submitted By: Jessica Flatley Prior to discovering I had a gluten allergy, my first choice for dining out was always Italian, hands down. Since it is not easy to find a gluten free or dairy free option at an Italian restaurant, those days are long gone. My absolute favorite Italian dish was my grandmother’s spaghetti …

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Jan 05

Deli Style Pasta Salad

  I used to buy a salad just like this at my local deli. One day, I decided to prepare one at home. Came out great and now I make this regularly. Sometimes I add chicken or steak for a main dish. Give this a try and add your own special touch.

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Oct 22

Chicken and Peas Pasta

For my family of 4 Nonna’s A La Vodka Sauce makes enough for a second meal.  To make it a little different so I don’t hear “This again?” from the kids I add another protein, such as shrimp or chicken and peas.  It is a lifesaver on a busy day do have something homemade that …

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Oct 08

Sausage & Mushrooms in a Light Cream Sauce

  This recipe was inspired by a breakfast casserole from a very old cookbook.  I was looking for another way to use Italian Sausage links.  Granted the recipe I saw used breakfast sausage and was baked with a delicious sounding egg mixture, but many of the other ingredients were the same.  I hope you enjoy it …

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Sep 23

Nonna’s A La Vodka Sauce

  My daughter’s favorite pasta sauce is A La Vodka.  She loves the creaminess of it with the little bits of prosciutto and tomato in every forkful.  What she doesn’t know is that I have taken Nonna’s recipe and made some slight adjustments to make it a smidgen more healthy. I have shared Nonna’s original recipe, …

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Sep 02

One Pot Macaroni and Cheese with Apples and Bacon

Submitted By: Liz Hughes I originally got the idea of this stove top macaroni and cheese from the wonderful food blog White on Rice Couple. Not only is the mac and cheese stove top – it’s made in one pot. I thought this was genius. It’s almost like risotto mac and cheese! You cook your …

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