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Jun 19

Blueberry Lemon Drop Biscuits / Scones

  I really love biscuits and scones. Especially drop biscuits. When using Bisquick they always come out perfect every time. If you are going to save them for later on, you may want to crisp them up in the toaster oven for a few minutes. Great for anytime of day. Nutrition: (per scone) Without glaze: calories 115, fat …

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Mar 30

Sweet Creamy “Cadbury” Eggs In A Cookie Cup

  I recently made these around Easter. They reminded me of the Cadbury chocolate eggs. I wanted to make this into a cookie with a candy filling and this is what I came up with. The filling really does taste just like the inside of a Cadbury center. Creamy and yummy. I’m using one of my favorite …

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Jan 18

Stuffed French Toast Sundaes

This is one of my kids favorite breakfast to make with me. We love it for a delicious snack or dessert too. One sundae only has 97 calories so you can indulge without the guilt (and even have two!). I hope you make this with your family or a special treat just for you! Look how pretty the presentation is. …

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Jan 03

Healthy And Delicious Strawberry Blueberry Shortcake

When I was thinking of a recipe for strawberry shortcake I thought, why not add blueberries? They are so sweet and have such great health benefits. I added them along with Greek yogurt instead of heavy cream for the filling. I know you’ll love this recipe as much as my family and friends do. Look how pretty …

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Dec 04

Wow! A “Cone-oli” Cannoli

This is one of my most requested desserts when having company. Both the adults and kids love it!  A  cannoli that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating. You won’t even know it’s lower in fat and calories but, you will love how rich and decadent it tastes.  This recipe yields two servings so you can share it with …

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Nov 16

Warm and Comforting Cranberry Scones

These wonderful scones are a staple in my home. I make them many Sundays all year round. My husband just loves them and so do my kids. I serve a large fruit salad (whatever is in season for the time of year) with these scones and everyone is happy. Why don’t you give this easy …

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Oct 20

White Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops

This weekend was such a great one around here. My sister Rhonda and my niece Wendy and her two adorable daughters, my great nieces, Zoey and Eva came to visit. Eva the little one is the same age as my Josh. Both will be turning seven this summer. They were born four days apart. (I …

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Sep 17

Best Baked Donuts Ever!

  This recipe is so easy to prepare, especially since the donuts are not fried. No hot oil to worry around the kiddies. These taste just as good or better than any fried donut. Have fun with the decorations. Nutrition: calorie per iced donut 215, fat 2.9 g  

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Sep 03

Luscious Cinnamon Cheese Danish

Warm and delightful. A copycat recipe from our favorite diner. However, these are lower in fat and calories by just switching out a few ingredients.  Just as decadent and delicious as the full fat ones. Enjoy!   Nutrition: per serving – calories 113, fat 6, carbs. 13, fiber less than 1, protein 2.1  

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Aug 23

Copycat “Cinnabon” Cinnamon Rolls

  These cinnamon rolls are so delish you will turn your back on those high fat, high calorie rolls you see at the mall and, never look back. My husband and kids said this was their favorite thing I have made so far. So here they are, I hope you enjoy them as much as we all do. Nutrition: …

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