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Jul 09

Easiest Creamy Oreo Parfait

  Here is the easiest recipe to make. Three ingredients to Oreo happiness. No excuses not to have a decadent dessert anytime of day. Nutritional: calories 165; fat 2.3 g; carbs 29.5 g; fiber .5 g; sugars 21.5 g; sodium 174.5 mg; protein 6.1 g; Weight Watcher PointsPlus® 4  

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Jun 06

Creamy Tasty Delight – Panna Cotta with Coffee

The dessert is the last course of a menu and should be chosen with care – after all, it makes the final impression and is the one guests take home with them. And finally, this deliciously light and creamy Italian sweet specialty is tasty pleasure for all our senses.  

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Jan 06

Delish Low Fat, High Protein Yogurt Parfait

  This is a very tasty and healthy yogurt parfait. I used strawberries and bananas but you can use any fruit that you like. I also toasted the oatmeal in the oven to make it crunchier which adds a nice nutty flavor. Enjoy this anytime of day. Makes for a great breakfast to get you …

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Jan 01

Fluffy Peanut Butter Mousse

Here is a wonderful lighter version of a typical peanut butter mousse.  If you love peanut butter then you will love this recipe. It’s easy and so delish!

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Dec 28

Warm Cinnamon Bread Pudding

Here is a really easy and yummy recipe for bread pudding. I tried so many recipes and finally came up with one I really liked. I did try using whole wheat bread but in this case I didn’t like the texture so I went with an Italian bread that was surprising very low in calories and …

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Nov 28

Pam’s Petite Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cups

  Here is a recipe that could fool anyone into believing that this is chocolate mousse that’s been made with heavy whipping cream and egg yolks. It fooled my husband and a few friends that were here for dinner recently. When I told them what was in the mousse they were shocked (especially the husbands) …

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Aug 31

Easy Homemade Creamy Rice Pudding

I am a huge rice pudding fan. The only problem is, most are loaded with fat and calories. I tried a few times and came up with this easy recipe. The calories have come down a little but the fat is way down. Also, easy to make in no time and, its good warm or cold from the …

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Aug 24

Light and Luscious Orange Cinnamon Flan

  A while back my husband and I went away on a spa weekend and had a wonderful dinner at the hotel. One of the desserts offered was flan. At the time I had never tried flan and had no desire to, but the waiter told me to try it and he promised I would …

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Aug 20

Frozen Key Lime Pie In A Cup

  This refreshing treat will be so nice anytime of day. It’s a big hit around here. I like this more than a piece of key lime pie just knowing how much lower in calories and fat it is. So easy and fun to make, and it’s great for anytime or a lovely dessert for …

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Aug 18

Dirt Cups

  This cute recipe was created by Regina’s kids Derrick and Tori. They had a lot of fun with it and you must check out their Youtube video that goes along with the easy and yummy recipe. Nutrition per cup: calories 183.1, fat 2.4 g, carbs 40.3 g, fiber 0.5 g, protein 3.9 g, Weight …

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