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Mar 02

How To Make Perfect White Rice

With these few simple steps, you will have perfect white or brown rice every time. I have tried many times starting with cold water. It just wasn’t the right texture. Then, tried with boiling water,  it came out perfect. Rice is so versatile, goes with almost any main meal. Try this easy method out and taste …

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Aug 31

Greek Style Chicken over Lemon Rice – What a College Girl Eats

Another delicious and easy recipe that my daughter made for her roommates and herself. Back for another year at college. They recently moved to a new house with a big kitchen. Actually the house is over 100 years old. The kitchen was remodeled a few years back. Lots of cooking and baking will be going on this year. Not …

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Mar 10

Easy Tortellini Rice Soup – What a College Girl Eats…

Another busy day away in college, that’s what my daughter Tori just texted me. She did however have time to make herself along with her roommate a hearty and healthy quick dinner. Simple and delicious is how she described this. I think it’s great for any family on busy weeknights too.  

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Aug 31

Easy Homemade Creamy Rice Pudding

I am a huge rice pudding fan. The only problem is, most are loaded with fat and calories. I tried a few times and came up with this easy recipe. The calories have come down a little but the fat is way down. Also, easy to make in no time and, its good warm or cold from the …

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