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Jun 29

White Chocolate Firecracker Popcorn

For a fun last minute treat for any holiday. Grab a pouch of microwave popcorn and some sprinkles with whatever chocolate you have on hand. In just a few minutes you have a delicious festive treat family and friends will enjoy that’s just the right taste of salty and sweet. Today we made these a …

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Jul 22

Baked Shrimp Wontons

  Submitted by:  Crystal Sykes Delectable bites for snack, lunch or even dinner time. Best part is that they bake up within 15 minutes!  

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Jul 21

Healthy Cranberry Granola

  Here is a delicious and healthy granola recipe that I put together in no time.I like to use only 100% juice because there is no added sugar and this way I can add the amount of sweetness into the recipe without over doing it. I am planning on giving this around the holidays and definitely …

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Jul 13

Dark Chocolate Drizzled Kale Chips

  If you have checked on our site, you will see we have another Kale chip recipe.  When that recipe came out, I got so many positive responses and great feedback. It’s been a while so, I thought it was time to make another one. Dark chocolate anything sounded good to me. So that’s why I …

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Jun 29

Light and Luscious Fruit Dip

  There is a story behind this lovely fruit dip; it’s my Mom’s (Ruthie’s) recipe and I just changed it a little to fit into the skinny version. The main story behind this recipe is actually the beautiful scalloped dish it is in. Growing up, my wonderful Mom loved entertaining, especially for her Bridge ladies, and …

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Jun 03

Crunchy Low Fat / Low Calorie Granola

  If you have ever read the labels for granola you know how many fat and calories a small amount has. Here is a yummy, guilt free version that I know you will love. This was a big hit with my daughter and her friends at her last party.By the way, this is ONE serving …

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May 20

Crispy Cinnamon Wonton Wrappers

  These wontons are a great treat for when you’re craving something crunchy or sweet ‘n salty. They are super easy to make and can be baked in less than 10 minutes. If you have any extra wonton wrappers, you can freeze them for next time. Nutrition: 1 serving – calories 194, fat 1.8, carbs. …

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May 06

Nutella Frozen Sandwich Cookie Treats

Here is a fun, easy snack or dessert that will sure be a hit with the kids and anyone who loves Nutella (and who doesn’t ?). Just a note that Nutella does have quite a bit of fat per serving so you really need to stick to the amount that is in the recipe to …

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Apr 29

Homemade “Nestles” Crunchy Bites

This is the easiest recipe and it only has 2 ingredients! If you like Nestle crunch bars then you’ll love these! These crunchy bites are great when you’re craving a sweet treat and are elegant to serve as dessert for company. Nutrition: per “bite” – calories 79.7, fat 4, carbs. 2.2, fiber 0, protein 1.2 …

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Apr 23

Banana Cream Pie Light Yogurt Parfait

  You can now have your banana cream pie and not feel guilty! Yay! This recipe is so easy. It uses most of the same ingredients as you would in traditional banana cream pie but now you are using healthy light yogurt. No egg yolks in this recipe. I feel like I am totally indulging …

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