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Oct 02

Easy Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake

This cake is really  easy to throw together at the last minute. Love using cake mixes when rushed for time. This moist and delectable cake is just delicious and it really does taste like pumpkin pie in a cake form. Kind of a magical cake that has a layer of pumpkin pie and the other …

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Oct 04

Spiced Pumpkin Dump Cake

I love using cake mixes and adding my own special ingredients to have it a “homemade” dessert. This easy dump cake recipe came to me when I noticed that one of the mixes I had was going to expire very soon. It happened to be a spice mix. How perfect since it’s right around Halloween. My secret …

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Sep 19

Light, Little Spice Cupcakes

  A few weeks ago, I was at an event showcasing Skinny Sweets Daily. I was handing out some samples of recipes that are already on our blog. I decided to make something new and let the ladies at this event tell me what they think. I have never done this before. I always have my family be the …

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