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Jun 18

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pasta with Lemon Sage Butter

  Submitted by: Jessica Flatley Sweet potato pasta…what a fantastic idea! Just another brilliant marriage of a superfood, gluten free and dairy free option.  Whip this meal up in about 10 minutes to enjoy the taste of fall harvest, right in your own kitchen! Since the ingredients are not your ordinary components of a pasta dish, …

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Sep 10

Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Blondies

Hello friends, here’s a quick and healthy treat I think the whole family will really like. My kids loved these and so did my hubby. I am loving using Agave along with Stevia. It’s a natural way to sweeten up recipes. The combo of the sweet potato and the almond flour give these Blondie’s a …

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Jul 03

Baked Coconut Sweet Potato Fries

We love sweet potatoes in my house. I make baked or mashed quite often. I thought of changing things up a little and had some grated coconut in the house and tried this hoping the family would like this new side dish. Well, they loved it. So, now this is a staple around here. Nutrition: …

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May 02

Not Too Sweet, Guilt Free Sweet Potato Pie

Every holiday, someone always makes their wonderful recipe for sweet potato pie. The problem is most recipes could have over 400 calories for a small slice and about 20 grams of fat! Way too much! I have come up with this version that has been a hit with my family and friends and no one …

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