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Feb 17

Crunchy and Sweet Kale Chips

  I know what you’re thinking: “sweet kale chips?” – but it’s so yummy, I promise! I was shopping in a health food store and saw a bag of salty kale chips at $3.99 a bag and it was very high in fat and sodium! Inspired, I bought fresh kale and ran home.  I then …

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Jan 13

Stuffed Artichokes

Submitted By: Deborah Tomasetti Perham “What’s an Artichoke?!” While attending the Association of Personal Historians conference in November 2013, participants were called upon to share “food stories.” Well, I was first up. I recalled my husband and my first holiday together at my in-law’s home. My mother-in-law asked everyone to bring a dish. Well, big shot …

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Jan 03

Winter Squash Soup

Submitted By: Veronica Gantley I love all squashes. Most notably this winter squash soup is chock full of squash and other vegetables, yet it is so creamy and delicious you can hardly tell it is good for you. Not to mention that the recipe is pretty easy. Just roast and puree in the food processor …

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Jul 21

Zucchini Flower Sauté

  Submitted by Member: Carol H This is a really nice summer recipe. You can use anything that grows in your garden. For this recipe I used zucchini and the zucchini flowers which are delicious.

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Jul 19

Kumato Salad with Burrata and Macadamia Nuts

  Submitted by:  Gunjan Dudani, Kiipfit Kumato (brown tomatoes) are unique in color and taste. They have firm and juicy texture making them perfect for raw salads.  

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May 28

Slow Cooker Potato Soup

  Submitted by:  Veronica Gantley With so many relatives and friends that are vegetarians in my family, I am always on the lookout for ways to make my meat recipes into meatless.  The original recipe for this soup called for bacon and chicken stock.  With a few modifications it is now meatless.  I removed the …

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