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Jul 17

Dulce de Leche Cups

  Shhhh, this will be our little secret: this recipe only has 2 ingredients and IS a wonder! Your guests will think you spent hours preparing this delectable treat when it actually takes only a few minutes. I love the Jell-O sugar free pudding cups and I use them in many of my recipes. They …

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Jun 18

Two Ingredient Rolo Cookies

That’s right. Two ingredients to make these yummy cookies. Have fun and enjoy! Nutrition:  calories 40, fat 2 g, carbs 4.8 g, fiber 0.1 g, sugars 2 g, sodium 2 mg, protein 0.3 g, Weight Watchers points 1  

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Jun 08

Chocolate Covered Caramels With Sea Salt

Have you heard the new craze for chocolates is having them topped with sea salt? What does that even taste like? It didn’t even sound appealing to me. Well, that all changed one day at a friend’s house. When she first offered me this little candy and I politely said “no thank you”. First of …

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Jun 05

Frozen Cinnamon Chocolate Delights

  If you have been on our blog before you know about our popular Skinny Frozen Mocha Delights. These are made with some of the same ingredients and are so low in fat and calories you can eat more than one and not feel guilty. They are just delish! Enjoy! Nutrition: calories 42.5, fat 0.8 g, …

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May 10

Frozen Nutella Yogurt Bites

  There is always room for more Nutella recipes: as you may already know, we have a recipe for homemade skinny Nutella on this website (along with other great recipes featuring Nutella), but this recipe is made with the original store bought kind. Just a little goes a long way and gives this frozen treat a …

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Sep 05

Cookies and Cream Frozen Delights

Hi everyone! This is another version of our popular mini frozen delights. After reading all of your wonderful comments, I knew I had to come up with at least one more variation for you to all try. This time around, I made them to be “cookies and cream” flavored! Cookies and cream ice cream is so …

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Aug 25

Frozen Mocha Delights

One day I was craving coffee ice cream but didn’t have any in the house. I love Cool whip and always have that in the house so I thought about adding the Cool whip with my favorite flavored coffee, and voila! I came up with this really delish and low calorie treat! Nutrition: calories 46.2, fat …

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Jul 28

Vegan Double Chocolate Mousse, Version Two

  Hi everyone, hope you all have tried our first version of vegan chocolate mousse. It is really rich and delicious. I made it with silken tofu. It was a big hit with viewers as well as family and friends. I wanted to try and put together another vegan mousse that could be made without …

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Jun 23

Bakery Style Florentine Lace Cookies

  Do you remember going to the bakery and seeing those pretty Florentine lace cookies staring at you though the glass showcase with all the other pretty cookies? One of my favorites was always the lace ones. They had dark, milk or white chocolate in the middle. Once in a while they came with jam in the …

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Jun 02

Coffee Yogurt In a Wonton Wrapper!

  This is another recipe made with wonton wrappers (check out my other wonton wrapper recipes). I love anything involved coffee so when I found fat free coffee yogurt in the market I bought a bunch of them (I used store brand but so many brands carry coffee flavor, so choose your favorite). When you …

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