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Aug 15

Peanut Butter Candy Bar Bites

  This recipe is so easy to make and oh so yummy! Not too many ingredients and all healthy ones at that. Give this a try and let me know what you think. Remember…savor the bite because it’s beyond delish! Nutrition: calories 68.2 , fat 3.8 g, carbs 6.7 g, fiber 1 g, sugars 4 …

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Aug 02

Mini Oreo Stuffed Sugar Cookies

  There are a few Oreo recipes on this blog and they seem to be so popular. Who doesn’t love Oreos and warm sugar cookies? I wanted to incorporate the two but my obstacle is always the same: how to make this delicious and still keep it on the skinnier side? I also wanted to …

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Jun 25

Frozen Chocolate Chip Banana Yogurt Pops

  Last Sunday was an overcast day here on Long Island. My son and I were home alone while my husband took our daughter out to practice driving. It was almost time to go out to dinner and I wanted to make a healthy dessert instead of going out for ices or ice cream after dinner. I went to the fridge …

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Jun 24

Dark Chocolate Clusters Loaded with Dried Fruit

  We are all hearing the benefits of dark chocolate and also the punch of energy we get from dried fruits. Here is the easiest recipe that you can put together in a snap and have a rich but healthy snack for the whole family. I added Chia seeds on some of them for added goodness. I call them …

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May 28

Light And Refreshing Dessert Cake With Fresh Fruit

  If you have been through some of my recipes then you know how much I love these mini dessert cakes. The brand I buy is called Specialty Bakers. They are usually found in the produce department of the market. If you can’t find this brand then use a brand that has around 80 calories …

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May 13

Healthy Vegan Oatmeal and Cranberry Bars

  If you have been following my blog then you have seen a few recipes for healthy, wholesome bars. This one is a bit different because not only is it a vegan recipe, it also has no flour, or added sugar; just one tablespoon of honey for the whole batch. This egg free treat is extremely easy …

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May 11

Family Favorite Cool and Refreshing Strawberry Ice Pops

  Here is a fast and easy popsicle recipe that has been a family favorite for years. They have a nice amount of fiber and very little sugar, but still taste so sweet and are virtually fat free. I love serving these when we have friends come over with their kids because I know they are getting a …

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May 07

Frozen Red Grapes with White and Dark Chocolate

  Here is an easy dessert that is so fast to put together and tastes wonderful. I love frozen grapes alone but I love them even more with the frozen chocolate on top (who wouldn’t). With only 3 ingredients, give it a try. I know you’ll love it! Nutrition: calories 108.2, fat 3.5, carbs 21.9, …

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May 03

Easiest “Kit Kat” Bars Ever!

With only four ingredients, this will be a go to recipe that’s sure to be a big hit with everyone. I pack these for a snack and my husband loves bringing them to work with him. I hope you enjoy! Nutrition: calories 68.7, fat 2.5 g, carbs 8.6 g, fiber 0.7 g, sugars 5.6 g, sodium 28.1 mg, protein 0.8 g, Weight Watcher …

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Apr 28

Apple Nachos

  This is a fast and easy snack or dessert that is always a crowd pleaser. We are big apple lovers in my house so when it’s apple picking time I make this at least once or twice a week. In the spring and summer, it’s a nice change to enjoy while sitting in the backyard with …

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