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Jul 09

Easiest Creamy Oreo Parfait

  Here is the easiest recipe to make. Three ingredients to Oreo happiness. No excuses not to have a decadent dessert anytime of day. Nutritional: calories 165; fat 2.3 g; carbs 29.5 g; fiber .5 g; sugars 21.5 g; sodium 174.5 mg; protein 6.1 g; Weight Watcher PointsPlus® 4  

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Jun 30

Almond Meringue Lollipop Cookies

  These cookie pops are light and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Their delicious chocolaty filling makes them “out of this world” delish! I made these at the last holiday gathering at my house and they were a huge hit and are great for any spring holiday such as …

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Jun 21

Celebration Cupcakes With Fluffy White Frosting!

  I recently made these celebration cupcakes for a friend’s birthday. I have a mommy group that I attend monthly and when it’s someone’s special day, we always bring a cake or cupcakes. It was my turn so of course I couldn’t go out and buy a cake or cupcakes. We usually let ourselves go …

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Jun 19

Blueberry Lemon Drop Biscuits / Scones

  I really love biscuits and scones. Especially drop biscuits. When using Bisquick they always come out perfect every time. If you are going to save them for later on, you may want to crisp them up in the toaster oven for a few minutes. Great for anytime of day. Nutrition: (per scone) Without glaze: calories 115, fat …

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Jun 11

Black Bean Junior Mint Brownies

  These brownies are so fudgy and gooey, you won’t believe what the secret ingredient is to make them that way.  A can of black beans! By making this recipe with the black beans you add fiber and moistness with no added fat from the oil or butter that is usually in brownie mixes.  The whole family loved them and …

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May 04

Elegant And Easy Swiss Roll Cake

This is a very lovely cake that you can serve at a dinner party for a beautiful presentation or a weeknight dessert for the family. Believe it or not, this light and airy cake does not take that long to make and has very few ingredients. Nutrition: calories 141, fat 1.8, carbs 28, fiber 0.3, protein …

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Apr 19

Amazing “Raw” Chocolate Banana Coconut Cake

This cake is so simple to make you won’t believe it. If you like Chocolate and bananas you will go crazy for this healthy cake. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do. Nutrition:  Calories 129.4, fat  1 g, carbs 32 g, fiber 4.3 g, sugars 19 g, sodium 12.1 mg, protein 1.9 g, Weight Watcher …

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Mar 30

Sweet Creamy “Cadbury” Eggs In A Cookie Cup

  I recently made these around Easter. They reminded me of the Cadbury chocolate eggs. I wanted to make this into a cookie with a candy filling and this is what I came up with. The filling really does taste just like the inside of a Cadbury center. Creamy and yummy. I’m using one of my favorite …

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Mar 28

Wholesome Snack Bars with Flax and Wheat Germ

These bars are a really wholesome, healthy snack for any time of day. They are not too sweet and give you a crunchy and chewy bar all in one. Try this for breakfast too! You can use your imagination and add the nuts you like best or the dried fruit that’s your favorite. Examples would …

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Feb 09

Cinnamon Almond Biscotti

This recipe is nice and easy and even though biscotti means “twice baked” you don’t have to with this recipe. My family likes softer biscotti so this comes out a bit softer on the inside but still has the nice crunch on the outside. Try it and please let me know what you think! I …

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