Feb 23

Tips On How To Organize Your Fridge’s Shelves And Drawers

Years ago I learned from my mom how to organize my fridge and keep the food staying fresher longer. It all makes so much sense and it really has worked for me. Now, my daughter has her own apartment and I told her the same organizing tips. See for yourself and check this kitchen tip out. Happy restocking and reorganizing!


Tips On How To Organize Your Fridge’s Shelves And Drawers

  1. Dairy needs to be kept the coldest. The bottom shelf is usually the coldest place in your fridge. Keep all dairy products such as milk, yogurt sour cream, cottage cheese and farmer cheese on the bottom shelf in the back if possible. (I used a plastic turntable that I got at target to put my yogurts on. This way, I see the expiration date and can keep note of which one is coming up.)
  2. Raw packaged meats also need to be kept very cold. Keep them on the bottom shelf as well if using in the next day or two. Make sure they are wrapped in plastic in case some juices drip. This is very important not to have this happen due to contamination of any other foods from raw meats.
  3. Butter and soft cheese do not have to be kept the coldest like their other dairy relatives. These can be kept on the door in the little compartment on the top. Just make sure they are in a glass or plastic container.
  4. Fruits go in the crisper drawer. They only need little humidity. Don’t mix fruits with veggies. Don’t wash any fruits such as berries or grapes until ready to eat them. They will go bad very shortly if you do this and put back in the fridge.
  5. Veggies need a little  more moisture and humidity. There should be a separate draw for the veggies. Keep them loosely wrapped.
  6. Deli meats need cold temps like dairy and raw meats. Many fridges come with a cold cut draw. Use this for all deli meats, not the cheese. If there is no draw for this, store on the bottom shelf with the dairy. This can be closer to the front or middle of the shelf.
  7. Condiments such as opened salad dressings, mustard, ketchup and mayo don’t need very cold temps to stay fresh. They can go on the door. Just keep note of the expiration dates. The only oils that need to be refrigerated are nut oils. Olive oil and vegetable oil can stay in the cupboard.  Read labels after opening.
  8. Juices such as orange and apple can be stored on the top shelf along with sodas and other soft drinks.
  9. Last but not least, eggs. People seem to want to take them out of their carton and put them in the door in the plastic egg holders that come with the fridge. Don’t do this. They stay fresher in the carton and it’s best to keep them right in the middle or top shelf of the fridge.

So, next time you go grocery shopping, keep this on hand. It may be helpful to you like it has been for me.

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