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5 Important Signs Why You Must Detox Yourself Urgently!!!

Submitted by: Elena Ivanovska

Our body is exposed daily to various toxins – from food, water and air. No matter how hard you try to live healthy, after a while there is a number of toxins in the body resulting in bloating, bad skin, lack of enthusiasm and sudden changes of mood. Here are five signs that your body needs essential detoxification



1.  Sudden changes of the mood

Stress is a “glue” for toxins that weaken the body to such an extent that there is a lowering of energy in the body and makes the feelings of fear, anxiety, anger and jealousy to amplify.

Tip: Learn to relax – this is the most accessible and cheapest remedy against stress, give your body a peace during the day at least three times for ten minutes. Change your bad habits when in times of stress you take coffee and cigarettes instead of reaching for tea and fresh fruits.

2.  Bloating

Your working days seem chaotic and pushes you to reach for unhealthy snacks, so the deposited sugars and fats in combination with stress slows down your metabolism and causes poorer digestion and also bloatin.

In this case intestines suffer and they don’t perform their primary function of the absorption of nutrients, causing a false sense of hunger, which results in overeating and, finally lack of energy

Tip: In your daily diet, add more ingredients that eliminate toxins from the body, such as apple vinegar, lemon, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat cereals and drink nettle and dandelion tea.

3.  Lack of concentration

Quiet indicators of intoxication of the body with toxins that cause violent reactions is the lack of concentration. You not only lose the will to work, but also brings you scenes of panic and the situation gets even worse.


Tip: The body is like a computer, from time to time needs to “restart”, and we don’t listen to it to see if there will be a blockade. Learn to recognize clearly the symptoms that your body sends to you and give it a break of any kind – exercising, being in nature, socializing, and increased intake of minerals


4.  Bad skin

Blackheads, acne, oily skin, cracked capillaries. These are all consequences of the toxins that prevent the passage of nutrients through the epidermis of the skin, which leads to clogged pores.

Tip: Insert into your daily routine physical activity, body scrubs and massages, because only in this way you can awaken your sluggish body and lazy skin. Another powerful cleaning effect on the body are healthy smoothies which are so easy for preparation. And of course healthy balanced nutrition.

5.  Cravings for junk food

Unhealthy snacks are part of your bad habits and increased need for them is a sign that your body is in danger. Toxins from food nowadays are one of the biggest causes of various diseases of the cardiovascular system and they stop the work of the kidneys and liver .

Tip: Treat yourself with five days basic detox with fresh fruit and vegetables juices. Eliminate carbohydrates and meat from the diet.


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