Apr 23

Banana Cream Pie Light Yogurt Parfait

Banana Cream Pie Light Yogurt Parfait


You can now have your banana cream pie and not feel guilty! Yay! This recipe is so easy. It uses most of the same ingredients as you would in traditional banana cream pie but now you are using healthy light yogurt. No egg yolks in this recipe. I feel like I am totally indulging when eating this. So, go ahead and enjoy!

Nutrition: calories 191, fat 1 g, carbs 39 g, fiber 1 g, sugars 21 g, sodium 129.1 mg, protein 5.4 g, Weight Watcher PointsPlus® 5


Banana Cream Pie Light Yogurt Parfait

Makes 1 delicious serving


  • 1 6-ounce container Yoplait light Banana cream pie flavor
  • 1/2 of a fresh small to medium banana, sliced
  • 4  Nilla wafers, or any brand of  vanilla wafers. Crunch up 3 of them
  • 3 Tbsp Cool Whipped Topping



  1. Find a nice parfait dish and layer some of the crunched up wafers on the bottom.
  2. Layer the Yoplait over that, a few pieces of sliced banana, then a tablespoon of Cool Whip. Keep going until you end with a dollop of Cool Whip.
  3. Place the last cookie on top for a nice presentation. Hey, you deserve it! Dig in!



Banana Cream Pie Light Yogurt Parfait 2

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