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Crunchy Protein Quinoa Chocolate Truffles

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These truffles are not only yummy but have all healthy ingredients with an added boost of protein powder to make this a great snack anytime of day. When you want a low carb, low sugar treat this is it.  Each bite is crunchy, chocolate heaven. They are gluten free and vegan as well. I absolutely love these and so does my family. Try them and hope you love them too.

Nutrition:  calories 65.2, fat 3 g, carbs 9.1 g, fiber 3 g, sugars 1.3 g, sodium 8.4 g, protein 2. 7 g, Weight Watcher PointsPlus® 2


Crunchy Protein Quinoa Chocolate Truffles

Makes 12 nice size truffles





  1. Line a mini muffin tin with 12 paper or foil liners. Place in fridge until ready to fill.
  2. In double boiler over medium heat, melt chocolate chips, nectar, coconut oil, Stevia, vanilla and salt.
  3. When melted, stir in protein powder, cinnamon, buckwheat groats, quinoa puffs until all is combined well. Mix gently, you don’t want to crush the groats and puffs.
  4. You can either let cool a few minutes and roll into balls or take 2 teaspoons and fill each paper liner to make 12 truffles. Place back in fridge for about an hour or freezer for about 10 minutes. Store in fridge for up to 3 days.


Variation… If you like the taste of carob, you can add a couple of tablespoons to the chocolate mixture. You can’t substitute them because the carob will not melt properly. The calories are minimal if you add this. You can also add chopped cacao nibs for even more crunchiness and texture.


Enjoy every bite of these healthy chocolate goodness!

Note: All highlighted ingredients are ones I used in this recipe. I find buying online is sometimes less expensive than the retail stores.

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