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Healthy Trails To You




Submitted by:  Joanne Perez, Real Bite Nutrition

During this time of the year, most of us are traveling someplace. Maybe just for a night, maybe for a week. We might be vacationing in a tropical climate or hitting the ski slopes or just heading to our childhood home to visit with family and friends. Regardless of why you are traveling staying on track on the road can be a little tricky. Your schedule is different, you’re sleeping in a strange bed and food is either everywhere or nowhere. Because travel is stressful enough with out worrying about maintaining your healthy eating and exercise habits, here are 5 easy ways to enjoy your trip and stay on the right road.

Plan Ahead

You should always pack travel friendly snacks, such as nuts, peanut butter packs, fruit and beef jerky, that are nutrient powerhouses to keep going on long road trips and airport delays. Most people tend to make less healthy choices when they are hungry or confronted with too many food choices. Also, go on-line and look for restaurants and markets in the area you will be visiting.

Drink, Drink and Drink More Water

Many times when we think we are hungry, we are really just thirsty and dehydrated. The air in an airplane will quickly sap you of fluids so it is important to stay well hydrated at all times. Pack a water bottle that you can fill up and carry it with you throughout your trip or stock up on bottled water as soon as you hit the ground.

Eat Breakfast

Some people might question if breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, but I am not one of them. Since your schedule is most likely going to be off while you are on the road, it is essential for you to start the day with a balanced, healthy breakfast. Take advantage of a free hotel breakfast, which usually includes scrambled eggs, whole grains, fruit and yogurt or pick up items for your room from the local market. And, don’t forget to locate the nearest Starbucks/Panera/Subway where you can always get a healthy, protein-packed breakfast.

Remember Portion Reality

Restaurants portions are huge, usually more than twice a “normal” size, so split your meal with someone else or ask for a takeout container when the server brings your food and put half of it out of site immediately. And if you find yourself in front of a family buffet table, scan the offerings, use the smallest plate and sit down to eat.

Find Ways To Be Active

If you are able to book a hotel with a fitness center, don’t be afraid to use it. Since most are always open, you can easily work a modified workout around your schedule. Another option is to lace up your sneakers and run or power walk your new location. You’ll see a whole other side of a city early in the morning before the hustle and bustle starts. And if there is absolutely no way for you to schedule a workout, do little things like using the stairs, walking to places (not cabbing it) and taking stretch breaks.

And don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your time away from home. Don’t stress about a little detour because once you are back home, you get back to your normal routine and on the road to a healthy life.

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