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Real Bite NutritionSkinny Sweets Daily Contributor | Joanne Perez

Joanne Perez
Registered Dietitian
Savannah, Georgia, USA


I am licensed, registered dietitian with over 22 years of experience in many different aspects of dietetics including clinical, wellness, food service management, marketing and sports. I graduated from Framingham State College with a BS in Food and Nutrition and then completed my internship with the US Army. While working as the Director of Residential Dining and Sports’ Nutritionist at NC State, I received my MS in Management and Marketing. Some of my positions, in addition to NC State, include Army Dietitian, Contract Liaison Officer & Special Events Coordinator at the International Monetary Fund, Senior Associate Director for Dining at Bowling Green State University and Corporate Dietitian at OurLife Health & Wellness.

I am the author of the Real Bite Nutrition blog which focuses on eating for health and happiness, and I offer on-line nutrition counseling services through my private practice, Real Bite Nutrition.

I don’t believe in diets, good or bad foods or trying to fight your body’s natural weight. The best eating plan is the one that is realistic, full of variety, sustainable, enjoyable and allows you to be healthy and happy.

In addition to being a RDN, I am a runner, beach lover, avid reader, wanna be chef, wife and mom.

Associations:  Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; GA Dietetics Association


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