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Contributor – Joanne T Ferguson

What’s On The ListJTFerguson

Joanne T Ferguson
Recipe Blogger


G’day! By way of introduction, my name is Joanne. I am American (NY) born and bred; now an Aussie who calls Australia home since 1997! My blog is called What’s On The List http://whatsonthelist.net.  As a Home Cook, I try and inspire one recipe and one event at a time! I am extremely PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIASTIC about all things food!

It gives me GREAT pleasure to share about South Australian food, ingredients, Australian foods, ingredients, events etc. Based on my food lifestyle, I need to limit sugar and as such I used xylitol in my daily cooking and baking life. I would like to continue share my created xyltiol recipes; currently I have been working with Xlear Australia in creating recipes using their product.


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