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Creating a New Post

As an author on the Skinny Sweets Daily website you have the ability to add your posts directly to the site.  Once completed and published or saved as a draft, the healthy article or recipe will be in pending status waiting for review.

To get started please follow this handy guide:

  • Whether viewing the website’s front end or backend you can simply hover over “New” in the top bar and then choose “Post”



  • If you are viewing the dashboard, hover over “Posts”, then choose “Add New”




  • Both options will bring you to a new post page, allowing you to add a title, enter the body of your healthy article or recipe, and insert pictures with the “Add Media” button.



  • The “Add Media” button will automatically bring you to the media library.  Simply click on the “Upload Files” tab on top and then select your file/picture.  Once selected press “Insert Into Post”.
    • Please do not use the “Set Featured Image” option.  Within this theme this option replaces the logo so it has been turned off.  Uploading the picture into the post is the best way to go.



  • Select the Category –
    • “Healthy Living Articles” for each full article that has at least one picture
    • “Contributor Recipes”  for each full recipe that has at least one picture
    • “Contributor Referred Posts”  for a post consisting of – one picture, a description, and link to the original post on your website



  • Add Tags – choose from the “Most Used Tags” list or add your own.
    • It would be good to have …
      • a category such as “dinner” or “cake” or “article”
      • the main ingredient such as “pork” or “fruit”
      • highlighted benefit such as “gluten free”
      • your name
    • Note: all tags added may not be used



  • Save draft or submit for approval


NOTE:  For all fully submitted healthy articles and recipes please add two links from your website at the bottom of the post to take part in our Contributor Sharing Benefit.  We will place these two links onto the Skinny Sweets Daily Facebook page and have the link go directly to your website.  This will give you broadened exposure to all of our followers.

Take a look at our page to check out the current stats!



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