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Lose Weight Without Diet and Going to the Gym – Everything is Possible



Submitted by: Elena Ivanovska

To lose a few pounds it takes a lot of sweat and rejection of some foods, but it is not bad to know that there are easier ways to get to that goal. In these ways it is included the absence of dieting and going to the gym.

  • Always start the meal with a glass of water

This will leave you well hydrated and you’ll feel full, and it will help you to avoid the overeating.

  • Make replacement of some products

Instead of making dressing for your salad with dressings bought from the supermarket, which are full of calories,  season the salad with wine vinegar: it will save you an extra 80 calories.  Instead of dry, take fresh fruits and instead of cookie filled with sugar filling, grab a rib of dark chocolate.

  • Have a self control

If you want to lose weight, stick to the right portions for each meal. Plan your meals in advance, before eating.  Use smaller plates to have a visually larger meal, and the remains of food leave them for dinner instead of eating them all.

  • Move more

While doing exercise at least three times a week, strive daily to move a little more. Thus, you will lose extra calories. You can go out for a walk in nature, use the stair instead of elevator and always park a bit away so you can walk a little bit more.

  • Don’t drink your calories

It is one of the common reasons that you don’t see results from your diet. The empty calories from soft drinks, juice from the supermarket or larger glass of wine for dinner make you ” fill ” with calories more than you think. Stick to a cup of water in which you can add lemon juice or a little fresh mint and enjoy the ease.

  • Don’t stay hungry for too long

Although hunger is good for you, fasting all day in order to eat that wanted dessert at dinner, it is not very happy choice. Be careful and always eat well balanced meals and snacks, and also good portions of fruits and vegetables throughout the day in order to avoid low blood sugar that can lead to loss of energy.

  • Take protein snacks

When it’s time for a snack, make the food to work for you: avoid this time the oily and fattening chips and crackers, and instead, take your protein snack rich in fiber that will truly refresh you. These snacks usually contain 150 calories, and you will be happy and satiated.

  • Have a light dinner

Try your dinner to contain 25 % of your daily calories and eat 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Eating too much and too late can disturb you sleep, but also disturbs your daily food routine.

  • Have a quality sleep

Lack of sleep can cause you to eat more during the day and you won’t have enough energy to exercise. Therefore, make sure you have 7 hours of sleep each night. It is an easy and effective way to keep or to reduce your weight.

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