Jan 27

The Brookie – Dairy and Egg Free

The Brookie – Dairy and Egg Free

If you like brownies and chocolate chip cookies but can’t decide on which you feel like baking and eating. You won’t have to choose. This is the best of both of the two. Enjoy every decadent bite!


If you had to choose between a brownie or chocolate chip cookie, which one would it be? In my world, that’s a tough one. I love them both. If I asked my family, the hubby would say chocolate chip cookies while my kids would defiantly pick a brownie. I decided to experiment with baking them together. I found a bunch of good recipes that were all called a brookie. How perfect! SO, here is my version of a brookie. I made it with regular, simple ingredients that’s probably already in your panty. And…no dairy or eggs. I ran out of eggs when experimenting. So then decided to not use dairy either. We all loved this recipe. Give it a try, it’s an easy one and really decadent tasting.

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Jan 24

Simple Lemon Garlic Roast Chicken

Simple Lemon Garlic Roast Chicken  This delicious, moist, juicy chicken is sure to become a family favorite as well as a weeknight staple. Sometimes the simple basic dishes tastes the best. This chicken recipe sure is, enjoy!

Sometimes the most basic recipes are the most delicious recipes. This one is a simple, basic recipe for roast chicken. Few ingredients with few steps to a moist and juicy roast chicken. This recipe is great for weeknight meals as well as holiday dinners. It makes a beautiful looking dish too.



This has become a staple in my house and in so many of my friends and family’s houses too. If you have chicken eaters then they will just love this delectable chicken dish. Add some potatoes, rice, you name it. It tastes to me like the chicken from the markets, you know the rotisserie chickens. When I bought them, I always bought the lemon garlic flavor. Best part about making this yourself is you know exactly what’s in the recipe. It may be healthy but, it’s sure tasty.

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Jan 22

Bakery Style Pecan Cinnamon Rolls – Made with Crescent Rolls

Bakery Style Pecan Cinnamon Rolls – Made with Crescent Rolls – Like the ones at your favorite bakery or café. Easily made at home. They are finger licking delicious!

You know those delicious sticky buns you get at your favorite bakery or café? Well, you won’t believe how easy-peasy they are to make at home. If you have been on our blog before you know we have a few recipes using crescent rolls. This recipe is also made with a tube of crescent rolls. I love using crescent rolls for so many reasons. First of all it cuts the time in half not having to roll out pastry dough. The best part is crescent rolls are foolproof. You will love to be able to bake up a batch of these gems. Sticky, gooey and finger licking delicious!

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Jan 22

Cauliflower “Fried Rice”

Cauliflower “Fried Rice” –  This is now a favorite recipe in my house. Tastes just like fried rice you are used to only healthier using cauliflower. Try it soon!


Recently I was introduced to all the many delicious and healthy ways to enjoy cauliflower. A friend told me about a recipe she made from a frozen bag of cauliflower that comes already riced. I knew it was something I needed to learn more about and to try some new recipes using this everyday vegetable.


I grew up eating cauliflower. That and broccoli. Up until an adult these two veggies were not a favorite at all. But, the usual ways for me to prepare these two were to stir fry, boil, steam or roast in the oven which by the way is delicious on it’s own. Getting  back to “riced” cauliflower. People are making mashed potatoes, cream sauces. A whole new range of recipes from this simple everyday veggie. The recipe here is now a favorite. Oh my, I make this once a week or more.  Once in a while I add cooked brown or white rice to the dish. No one knows which is the real rice. Sometimes my family likes this as the main course so, adding chicken, shrimp or any meat makes it a perfect balanced dinner. Sometimes we add tofu to keep the dish vegan.  This basic recipe is so simple and very versatile. Add in more things that you like or enjoy just as it’s shared here.

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Jan 18

Broccoli Mixed Salad with Simple Orange Ginger Dressing

Fresh Crispy Salad With The Most Delicious Orange Ginger Dressing

Salads are one of my favorite things to eat. I love making salads at home, all different kinds. I find them very creative. You can add in just about anything to greens and it turns out to be a great meal. The best part of a salad in my opinion is all the different textures. From soft lettuces like butter lettuce to really crunchy lettuce like Kale. Of course the add ins are what makes each salad unique.


If you have been on our blog before, you know we have lots and lots of crazy yet simple salads to choose from. This one was so easy to throw together in no time at all. I had just bought a bag of broccoli florets from Target along with a bag of mixed, chopped greens. Love these bags of lettuce. They are washed and ready to eat. I added my favorites for this particular salad. Roasted pumpkin seeds are so good along with dried cranberries. Those two ingredients look beautiful together and the combo of the salty and chewy tastes great too. Check out the whole salad recipe with the most tasty and delectable dressing that also is a snap to make.

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Jan 14

Simple Fruit Crumble Bars

 Crumble Topping at it’s best! Enjoy with any flavor jam. 

If you have been on our blog before, you must have seen our version of the amazing Pioneer Woman’s  Strawberry Oat Bars. Simple as can be and oh so delicious. I just love her recipes. Well, here is a similar crumb bar made with apricot jam. Of course you can use any kind of jam you like. These are so versatile, switch the jams around for a new take on an old favorite.


This recipe really is easy-peasy and a snap to throw together in no time at all. My family really enjoys these. I make them for almost every holiday since they are so simple and quick, and everyone loves them. Great for a pot luck dinner or dessert party and when I have friends over, these are easy to make and bake while we are chatting away. Try them soon. I’m sure they will be a big hit around your house too.

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Jan 07

Best Ever Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are many chocolate chip cookie recipes all over the internet. So many ways to bake up batches of Americas favorite cookie. We have bunches of recipes right here for all different kinds of cookie recipes and the most popular is of course “The Chocolate Chip Cookie”. Before you leave, check out all the varieties we have. You are sure to find a favorite or favorites.


This one cookie recipe is a little unique because it’s made with coconut oil. No butter, margarine, or any other kind of oil. It’s also a vegan recipe. So, there is no eggs or dairy either. Coconut oil has become very popular in the past few years. It’s got some great healthy benefits and is a wonderful replacement for butter and other oils.  I promise these cookies are so delicious. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I under baked them just a bit to keep them chewier. Bake a batch up soon. You won’t be sorry and  we are sure to love them like our other yummy cookie recipes. Stop by often to try more of our recipes. Enjoy the chewy yumminess!

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Jan 03

Hearty Simple Recipe for Steel Cut Oats

Creamy and delicious steel cut oats, great for breakfast or even lunch.

Do you like eating oatmeal for breakfast? We are big oatmeal fans in my house. On the blog we have a recipe for overnight oats. That’s made with regular quick oats. Have you had steel cut oats before? It’s totally different from the oatmeal we are all used to. Has more of a texture and is just as nutritious as the common oatmeal we are used to. Other names for steel cut oats are Scottish Oats and Irish Oats. Oats are known for lowering bad cholesterol, help stabilize blood sugar levels along with other great health benefits.

A bowl of steel cut oats are so versatile. You can add just about anything and have a different tasting oatmeal every morning. They are loaded with fiber and should hold you over until lunchtime. Another way to use the dry steel cut oats as well as regular oats are to add them to meatloaves. Instead of breadcrumbs, toss a handful and you will be adding fiber and nutrition to your loaf. Either a vegan or meatloaf.

This recipe is very simple and even if you make two servings, the cooked oats refrigerate well until the next day and heat up easily in the microwave. Try this soon and enjoy every spoonful.

Just a few suggestions for add-ins….

  • dried cranberries
  • currents
  • raisins
  • dried cherries or blueberries
  • sliced almonds
  • walnut pieces
  • pecan pieces
  • peanut butter, almond butter or seed butter
  • jam or jelly
  • bananas
  • sliced apples
  • chia seeds
  • flax seeds
  • hempseeds
  • cinnamon
  • shredded toasted coconut
  • pumpkin or sunflower seeds
  • yogurt

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Dec 30

Copycat Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

If you have been on our blog before, you know we love hot beverages. Well, we love cold ones too but, today it’s all about another hot and creamy beverage. I love going to Starbucks for my favorite hot and cold beverages. Recently I had for the first time their Peppermint Mocha Coffee. Oh wow! it was fabulous. I loved it and knew it was a recipe I had to duplicate at home. The one thing I don’t like about any of the coffee shops is the high prices. Now, you can easily make this at home for a fraction of the cost.

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Dec 20

Chocolate Covered Holiday Pretzel Rods

It’s that time again! The holidays are just around the corner. In my house that means baking and making lots of holiday goodies for family and friends. I defiantly have my go-to recipes that work really well for gift giving. This one for pretzel rods is one I make for almost every holiday. All you have to do is change the decorations. If you have been on our blog before you know we love pretzel rods and already have some up.

A friend asked me why there was not a pretzel rod recipe for Christmas. Huh? I forgot to add one! So, here it is. As you can see in the photos, these have the Christmas sprinkles and nonpareils and there are also some for Hanukkah. I found “Star of David” sprinkles online and really nice blue sprinkles. You can find all different kinds of sprinkles and edible decorations at Michaels, Target and Walmart.

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