Jul 08

Best Bisquick & Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am the biggest fan of Bisquick. I use it to make savory and sweet recipes. My mom and her mom also used Bisquick and have fond memories of some delectable dishes being served during my childhood. Something about this great mix, makes all baked goods come out tasting just great and always just right. If you have been on our blog before you know we have a bunch of recipes made with Bisquick. We happen to have a chocolate chip cookie recipe up on the blog from a few years ago. Well, since almond flour has become so popular lately, I decided to incorporate that recipe into another cookie recipe. So, here it is. Enjoy these as much as our other recipe. Both are yummy!


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Jun 30

3 Ingredient Fireworks Pudding Cup

This quick and simple recipe came to me when I was thinking of some recipes to serve up this coming July 4th weekend. We are having a few friends over and I want to serve a cool dessert that will be simple enough to throw together at the last minute. My son just happen to come off the bus from camp when I finished making one of these yummy creations. I gave it to him and he loved it. Then, we both started to think of a name. One thing we both agreed on was that it reminded us of fireworks. This takes only a few short minutes to put together. You can make it the night before and it will still look and taste great.


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Jun 29

White Chocolate Firecracker Popcorn

For a fun last minute treat for any holiday. Grab a pouch of microwave popcorn and some sprinkles with whatever chocolate you have on hand. In just a few minutes you have a delicious festive treat family and friends will enjoy that’s just the right taste of salty and sweet. Today we made these a patriotic theme for July 4th. You can change around the sprinkle for any holiday or occasion.


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Jun 29

Broccoli Cauliflower Sauté with Toasted Panko Break Crumbs

For a really easy-peasy side dish try this delicious sauté. It’s a great way to get the kids to enjoy veggies. The other night my son Josh actually said he wanted some mixed veggies with his chicken tenders. I know he meant, peas, carrots and corn. I pulled out a bag of frozen broccoli and cauliflower and hoped for the best. Then the panko bread crumbs were staring in the face on the shelf above me in the open cabinet. I already made a zucchini bake with toasted panko bread crumbs and he loved that dish. Why not try it with these veggies? I did and he loved it! Now, we have another great and easy side dish that’s healthy and he enjoys. This recipe is also good to toss over pasta for a main course. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese to top it off. Anyway you serve this it’s sure to be enjoyed.


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Jun 29

Quick & Easy Chocolate Dipped Patriotic Potato Chips

For a fun and simple food craft, try this yummy treat out. The kids will have so much fun dipping and decorating. We decided to use baked ruffles chips. They held up better than regular chips especially with the ridges and were healthier yet tasted great!


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Jun 21

Maria’s Italian Cobb Salad with Simple Parmesan Dressing

My dear friend Maria is also a food blogger. We talk probably every day by texting and Facebook, or the phone. There’s always something to talk about. Her blog is called Maria’s Mixing Bowl. She has delicious recipes and now she shares lots of delicious and great recipes from other great bloggers too, including ours!!

This salad recipe I’m sharing with you is just a really simple one she quickly made tonight for her and her hubby Rob. It’s not fancy and she took the pic with her phone. She sent it to me because I told her I wanted to share it on my blog  since she doesn’t really share her own recipes lately. Her dressing is so simple to make and oh wow, it’s so good! I made it tonight and it’s ready for tomorrow nights dinner salad. Throw whatever you have in the fridge in your salad like Maria did and enjoy!


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Jun 20

Milk Chocolate Covered Patriotic Popcorn

This is the easiest recipe that you can make last minute for any holiday. This time around. It’s decorated Patriotic style for the Fourth of July. Use any sprinkles you like for any occasion. My son likes  milk chocolate so that’s what I used for this recipe. Only a few ingredients and you have a sweet and salty recipe that’s crunchy and delicious. By the way, these make great little party favors. I purchase the clear goodie bags from the craft or party stores and fill them with this yummy popcorn treat. That’s what it is a real treat!  Make a batch today, it will surely will disappear really fast.


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Jun 19

5 Fun & Simple Patriotic Sweet Treats

 It’s time to get those fun and festive patriotic sweet treats out on the table when friends and family stop over. Here are five fun and simple recipes for you and the kids to make and enjoy. Have fun and as always, safe happy holidays!


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Jun 16

Arugula Pecan Salad with Simple Balsamic Dressing

If you have never tried arugula you must! It’s delicate lettuce leaf with a slightly bitter, slightly sweet taste. That’s the best way to describe it. At least for me. It’s a great base for any salad. This salad was really easy to throw together since I grabbed leftover veggies from the fridge and tossed them on top of the packaged arugula. Make one up soon along with the simple, tasty dressing.


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Jun 07

Southern Honey Raspberry Iced Tea

When I lived in Atlanta many years ago, I was invited to a friends house for lunch. She served the most refreshing iced tea I had ever had. It was sweet but not too sweet and I knew it didn’t just taste like sugar sweetened. Once she told me what was in the tea, I tasted the honey and asked her for the recipe. Now, I make this regularly and if raspberries are not in season, I use frozen ones. Which, by the way, work even better. You will need less ice. This recipe is so easy to prepare and so refreshingly delightful. Enjoy anytime of year, especially on a warm day. Adjust the honey to your sweet liking. There are many types of honey out there that will give the tea a nice flavor, I highlighted the one I used for this recipe.


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