Jun 30

Patriotic Pudding Pops

Patriotic Pudding PopsFor a cool and fudgy treat. Try these easy-peasy mini pudding pops. You can make them any size. I just happen to have a new silicone candy mold on hand. You can use mini muffin pans or ice cube trays work great too. Switch around the sprinkles for any occasion.


Patriotic Pudding Pops


  • 1 small box instant pudding mix, I used sugar free chocolate fudge
  • Milk according to directions on package. I used half skim milk and half 1 percent
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract added into the milk
  • Sprinkles/Jimmies I used these patriotic sprinkles
  • Small or medium lollypop sticks



  1. Prepare pudding as instructed on box. Add in vanilla while whisking.
  2. Toss sprinkles on the bottom of mold/cup
  3. Pour pudding into a Ziploc bag, close with the air squeezed and make a small cut at one corner. Pour into molds/cups. Toss more sprinkles on top.  Place in freezer for about 30- 45 minutes, take out and insert small lollypop sticks (found at crafts stores such as Michaels) Continue to freeze for another 2 hours.

That’s it, they are done and ready to eat. Everyone loves these.  Enjoy!

Mini Patriotic Pudding Pops

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