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Jan 26

Simple Cheesy Baked Spinach Dip

  Do you have a favorite restaurant that has the best spinach dip? We do right in the town I live in. One day I asked the waiter what they put in the dip? He gave me the main ingredients without amounts and I took it from there. My husband and son said I nailed …

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Aug 15

Zesty Chicken Spread

  Submitted by:  Veronica Gantley Quick and easy appetizer for your next gathering or a light meal for you.  This recipe can easily be brought down in fat and calories by substituting your choice of cream cheese and mayonnaise.  

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Jul 29

Deviled Eggs

  Submitted by:  Veronica Gantley Deviled eggs have proved to be a great side dish at any gathering.  Bring a plate next time and see how fast they disappear! Tip:  For the best peeling results use eggs that are a week or two old.  

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Jul 22

Baked Shrimp Wontons

  Submitted by:  Crystal Sykes Delectable bites for snack, lunch or even dinner time. Best part is that they bake up within 15 minutes!  

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Jun 15

Baked Chick Peas (Salty, Spicy, Sweet)

  Submitted By: Jessica Flatley Baked chick peas,  or garbanzo beans, make a tasty and portable snack. I am serious. Even Dave thinks so, which is a major and unexpected seal of approval. I baked chick peas as a Sunday Funday snack for the Giants game and expected a concerned, disinterested look. I was pleasantly …

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Jun 03

BBQ Buffalo Chicken Wings

  Submitted by:  Crystal Sykes Step one may be the most important for making this ultimate chicken wing recipe!  Discover Crystal’s secret…  

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May 26

Simple Guacamole Recipe

Submitted by: Jessica Flatley I love guacamole but I don’t need the onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro when avocado tastes so good on its own! Pair that with my favorite flavor – citrus – for a fabulous mini-meal comprised of two superfoods. Avocado has more potassium than a banana with much less sugar, so whip …

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Feb 01

Ham and Cheese Mac and Cheese Bites

 Submitted By:  Liz Hughes These ham and cheese mac and cheese bites are delicious, fun to eat and incredibly easy to make. All you need is the basics – milk, cheese, butter, egg, pasta. Ham isn’t a necessity, but does make them extra hearty. I’m thinking great football finger food and with the Super Bowl …

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Nov 23

Munching Mondays #16

Welcome to Munching Mondays! Are you ready to be part of this fabulous tradition! Calling All Cooks, Bakers and Crafters:  Look through this fabulous list of delicious recipes & crafts submitted by bloggers as their favorite. Save and share your favorites, and be sure to come back next week for some more. Shout Out to All …

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Nov 21

Marvelous Stuffed Mushrooms

  Submitted by:  Crystal Sykes, Simply Playful Fare Do you need a fabulous, easy appetizer?  Well this recipe is exactly what you need.  Prepare it ahead of time then pop it into the oven shortly before you are ready to serve. Nutrition: Serving size: 4, Calories: 294, Fat: 22.1, Carbohydrates: 7.4, Protein: 19.4  

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