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Apr 20

Berry Banana Funfetti Milkshake

You can’t beat a good milkshake. My family loves going out to our local diner where they happen to make a yummy vanilla milkshakes. I know, sounds so boring but, they just know how to “shake” things up and make a really good one. It’s kind of expensive though. I found it’s so easy to make …

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Jun 24

Blueberry Grape Lagoon Smoothie

 Blueberries and Grape Juice make the most refreshing and tasty smoothie. Try it soon and enjoy!   I love smoothies so much that I make one every day at home, or if I am out and about I’ll pick one up at my favorite smoothie cafe. The problem when you buy smoothies is they can …

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Jun 12

High Fiber Fruit Veggie Smoothie

This is my favorite smoothie of all time. Believe it or not I use fresh baby spinach leaves. It practically adds no calories but does add great health benefits. I promise you will NOT taste the spinach! I couldn’t believe it the first time I tried it. This smoothie is a great pick me up …

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Oct 16

Pick Me Up Morning Smoothie

PrintPick Me Up Morning Smoothie Yield: Approx. three 8 oz servings Ingredients:1 medium to large banana 6 oz vanilla or plain Greek yogurt 1 1/2 cups calcium fortified orange juice 1 1/4 cups frozen sliced strawberries (with no sugar, the ingredients on the bag should only have strawberries) 2 tbsp ground flax meal 1 tsp …

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Aug 21

Blueberry Mango Weight Loss Smoothie

  Submitted by Member:  Adrijana C. Obesity and overweight are often the main reasons for health problems and lead to many complications of the overall body condition. That is way it is very important to control your weight. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, high levels of triglycerides, sleep …

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