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Jun 19

5 Fun & Simple Patriotic Sweet Treats

 It’s time to get those fun and festive patriotic sweet treats out on the table when friends and family stop over. Here are five fun and simple recipes for you and the kids to make and enjoy. Have fun and as always, safe happy holidays!  

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Jun 07

Southern Honey Raspberry Iced Tea

When I lived in Atlanta many years ago, I was invited to a friends house for lunch. She served the most refreshing iced tea I had ever had. It was sweet but not too sweet and I knew it didn’t just taste like sugar sweetened. Once she told me what was in the tea, I tasted …

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Jul 06

Keeping the Kitchen Cooler During the Hot Weather Months

When it’s a hot day outside, the last thing I would want is to make the kitchen even hotter by putting on the oven. Keeping the oven off during the hot days saves energy and of course keeps you cooler.  Here’s a few of my tips to keep the kitchen cooler on those hot, steamy …

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Jun 20

12 Puddings and Mousse Recipes – Perfect for Summer Desserts

During the warm summer days and nights, it’s nice to have a cool dessert to end a meal.  Here are a few favorites from some of our food blogger friends and us. Enjoy them all and happy summer!  

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May 11

Family Favorite Cool and Refreshing Strawberry Ice Pops

  Here is a fast and easy popsicle recipe that has been a family favorite for years. They have a nice amount of fiber and very little sugar, but still taste so sweet and are virtually fat free. I love serving these when we have friends come over with their kids because I know they are getting a …

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