Aug 08

Tri-State Foodies Luncheon

first lunch for foodies


Pam and I had a fantastic opportunity to  have lunch with a few new Foodie friends,  Sandi from A New York Foodie and Nic from Nibbles By Nic.  It was such a pleasure to chat with like minded ladies… we bonded instantly.   

We were fortunate to have met at the Landmark Diner in Long Island, NY.  The waiter was so patient with us.  It took us at least an hour before we placed our order.  We all had so much to say and kept forgetting to peek at the menu.

Summer schedules kept this first meeting small, but it worked out perfectly. With all the chit chat we can now plan on bigger events in the future with more NY Foodies. We all seemed to learn from one another and took with us some ideas on improving SSD. We are really looking forward to our next meeting in a few months.

In the meantime stop by and visit Nic and Sandi‘s blogs.  Their recipes are all incredible!

I bet you are curious about what we ate!  Well here it is…

Nic’s Caesar Salad:


Sandi’s Chef Salad:


Pam and Regina’s Athenian Eggs – poached eggs with feta cheese over chickpeas, tomatoes and potato:


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