Apr 12

Uses For Lemons That You Won’t Believe!

lemons fix


I love lemons. They smell so fresh and give foods a pop of flavor. Lemons have many uses. Here are some that are just great.

  1. To prevent cauliflower from turning brown after cooking, sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice over and not only will the veggies tastes wonderful, they won’t turn brown.
  2. We all love guacamole, you want it to stay nice and green before you serve it. Sprinkle a generous amount into your mixture. Mix and then sprinkle again. Cover, you should be good to go when ready to serve. Great for sprinkling over apples and pears too.
  3. To freshen your fridge naturally, ( especially if there is a nasty smell from old food) squeeze lemon juice onto a cotton ball and place on one of the shelves for several hours. Make sure you remove any foods that may have been the culprit.
  4. To clean a grater after sticky foods like cheese or onions, rinse the grater in cool water then, grate a cut lemon ( the pulp) over all sides. Rinse again and wash as normal.
  5. You just made a smoothie, you didn’t realize that the berries were now all over your hands and fingers. No big deal. Rub a cut lemon with as much juice you can squeeze out all over your fingers and hands. Wait just a few minutes then wash off with warm soapy water. This should do the job.
  6. Want softer elbows? Mix up some lemon juice with a little baking soda. Make a paste and rub a dub onto your elbow to exfoliate. Do this for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water and moisturize with a rich cream.

Hope these tips are something that will be helpful to you.


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